Vic Juba Community Theatre is a performing arts venue available for rental by theatre, dance and music presenters. We have a proscenium stage with raked audience chamber. Our maximum seating capacity is 550.


Our performing arts venue can stage full-scale theatrical productions, concerts, festivals, dance, the symphony, comedians and illusionists.


To Book The Theatre

Contact us at the Box Office: 780.872.7400


Rental Rates - Effective January 1, 2024

Hours Per Day

Non Profit


5 Hours$955.00
6 Hours$1,090.00$1,310.00
7 Hours$1,230.00$1,470.00
8 Hours$1,370.00$1,630.00
9 Hours$1,585.00$1,865.00
10 Hours$1,800.00$2,100.00
11 Hours$2,020.00$2,340.00
12 Hours$2,540.00$2,965.00

* OR 10% of gross ticket sales whichever is greater (Commercial Renters Only).


There is a minimum 5-hour booking.

Times are booked upward to the nearest hour.

Events longer than 12 hours will be charged an additional $525/hr (Non-Profit) or $625/hr (Commercial).

Facility Fee Includes

  • Maximum 3 technicians (Our Technical Director will determine the number of technicians needed.)
  • Front of House Supervisor and Volunteer Ushers

To qualify for our Non-Profit rate, renters must provide proof of legal non-profit status.

Black Box Fees - Effective July 1, 2023

Hours Per Day

Rental Rate

3 Hours$300.00
4 Hours$350.00
5 Hours$400.00
6 - 12 Hours$500.00

Times are booked upward to the nearest hour.

Events longer than 12 hours will be charged an additional $150/hr.


Vic Juba Community Theatre reserves the right to operate a bar and/or concession at your event.


Performances that exceed 90 minutes and that do not allow for a 20-minute intermission will be charged $500 on their final invoice.


Floor Plans


Rental rates include a maximum of 3 technicians. If you require additional stage crew, follow-spot operators or load-in and/or load-out crew, the Technical Director will hire additional personnel at $25 per person per hour. If you have any questions with regard to your technical requirements, please contact our Technical Director at 872-7400, extension 249.

** After 8 hours, staffing rates will be charged at 1.5 times the standard rate.

Equipment Rentals

Yamaha 9 1/2’ Concert Grand Piano: $100 / 5 hours or $150/day

Piano Tuning: $200 / tuning

Merchandise Rate

20% of gross merchandise sales or 15% if renter provides merchandise staff

Credit Card Fees

There is a 4% surcharge paid by rental clients on all VISA & MasterCard sales.

Box Office

It is a requirement for clients to use our Box Office if their event is ticketed. Ticket printing cannot be completed off site.

Ticket Surcharges

Your total ticket price should include our ticket surcharge of $4.00 plus GST ($4.20).

Application to Rent

To determine if your booking date is available or if you have any questions about how to complete the Application to Rent form, please contact us at 780.872.7400. We will arrange for you to receive a rental agreement once you have submitted this form.


Rental Documents

Application to Rent Our Venue
Festival Application to Rent Our Venue
School Application to Rent Our Venue
Technical Specifications
Rental client hold/date challenge procedure

If you require additional information, please contact us at 780-872-7400