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The Everly Brothers Experience


Featuring The Zmed Brothers

September 28, 2018 (Friday)—7:30 pm


Co-Presented by Bar Engineering


From 1957 to 1962 The Everly Brothers sold more than 35 million records. To this day, they carry the record for the most billboard charting hits of any American Rock Duo.


THE ZMED BROTHERS have celebrated the pivotal sounds of The Everly Brothers music with enthusiastic crowds all across the US, Canada, and overseas. The Zmeds say, “We are not impersonators. Our aim is to honor the aesthetics of the Everly Brothers’ iconic sound and honor their unique place in music history, all while having a little fun telling our own personal story.” Growing up with their father, Adrian Zmed, a traveling singer/dancer/actor (Grease 2 Bachelor Party, T.J. Hooker), and mother, Barbara, a second grade teacher in a suburb of Los Angeles, the Zmed Brothers continually strive to pay homage to their roots by always infusing an instinctual blend of entertainment (a la Smothers Brothers) and contextual education in their performance.


Video: The Everly Brothers Experience featuring The Zmed Brothers


Long Live The Music




October 16, 2018 (Tuesday)—7:30 pm


Denis Dufresne and Aaron Young (2 multiple award-winning players) toured the world before the age of 22. Their world instrumental music was played on every PBS station and they were part of “The Hottest Fiddle Show in the World” as dubbed by the Walt Disney Corporation. The two then moved on to explore other musical passions. Aaron became a sought-after guitarist and vocalist in the jazz community and Denis became a sought-after player in the country music genre, garnering him 5 CCMA’ awards for Instrumentalist of the Year. Together again, they are putting their superb playing, vocals and songwriting abilities together as Ghostboy.


Video: The Tennessee Waltz

Video: She's Always A Woman To Me


Outstanding!   ●   Lively!   ●  Upbeat!

Amero Little Christmas

Amero Little Christmas

December 3, 2018 (Monday)—7:30 pm


Co-Presented by Eric and Leona Beamish


Don Amero is an engaging storyteller, songwriter and performer who is making his mark on the Canadian country music scene. He has 6 albums to his name that have already garnered eleven national and international awards, including three JUNO nominations.


Amero Little Christmas is a celebration of the Christmas spirit, with a combination of Christmas songs and Don Amero’s own take on more familiar and traditional Christmas favourites. The spirit of the show is one that hopes to set the tone for the season and encourages those that attend to pause and reflect. He brings his soulful country voice along with his bandmates to ring in the holiday season.


Video: Amero Little Christmas


3-Time JUNO Nominee

Martin Kerr

Martin Kerr

January 17, 2019 (Thursday)—7:30 pm


Co-Presented by Bernard Denture Clinic


2017 was an incredible year for Martin Kerr. After selling out at the 1700-seat Winspear Centre, his album ‘Better Than Brand-New’ debuted at #2 on the iTunes chart, and #10 on the Canadian Album Chart. He was also named Male Artist of the Year at the 2017 Edmonton Music Awards, the same week he opened for Sarah McLachlan at Rogers Place in Edmonton.


His engaging storytelling and soaring vocals captivate any audience. Often compared to the best of the 1970s troubadours—Cat Stevens, James Taylor, John Denver—Martin’s modern-folk music connects with listeners of all ages.


Video: High and Dry

Video: Into the Mystic


Engaging Storytelling and Soaring Vocals

Red Moon Road

Red Moon Road

March 7, 2019 (Thursday)—7:30 pm


Red Moon Road was formed by Daniel Jordan, Sheena Rattai and Daniel Peloquin-Hopfner. The three collaborative, yet distinct, writers frame immaculately crafted songs with original and innovative instrumental work. With tastes of Albertan country, Parisian aires, banjo-driven anthems and traditional folk storytelling, the music carries the stories as compellingly as the lyrics. The Winnipeg folk trio is known for spinning life stories into songs and, more often, breaking hearts with stunning musicianship. The trio incorporates impeccable three-part harmonies, a roots drum kit split entertainingly but pragmatically between two band members, and an acoustic guitar rigged to also be a bass. 


Video: Breathing Slow

Video: Liesel Friedel


Wonderful 3-Part Harmonies - Compelling Storytellers - Distinctive Style

Johnny Summers Little Big Band

Johnny Summers Little Big Band

March 29, 2019 (Friday)—7:30 pm


Co-Presented by Onie Huxley


Johnny Summers presents jazz, blues, soul, funk and New Orlean’s music in a fun and accessible way. Drawing from vintage Sinatra, Motown, pop culture, and classic American songbooks, Summers and his band create a most memorable evening of music!


Video: Johnny Summers Little Big Band


Award winning vocalist, trumpeter, and composer!


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