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FAQ Online Tickets


Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes. You will need to enter an email address to create an online ticket account. You will need to enter a VISA or MasterCard number to complete the purchase. There is a $2 convenience fee applied to all online orders.


How do I add tickets to another performance to my online order after selecting seats for the first event?

Click on "Tickets" in the top menu bar.


I keep getting kicked out when I try to buy tickets online. Why?

Our system also requires you to enter a reason as to "How Did You Hear About This Event?" 

Check the error message at the top of the screen. The error message will be in purple.


How do I confirm that my online purchase worked?

There are two ways to confirm your online purchase worked.  

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your ticket purchase. (You will receive two confirmation emails from us if this is your first purchase. The first email will confirm that your account is set up. The second email confirms your purchase.)


After you log in here-- go to the bottom of the "What's New" page, click on the blue "Display My Upcoming Performances" button. A list of tickets to all future events will be displayed.


I did not get a confirmation email regarding my ticket purchase. What happened?

Error messages will be listed at the top of the page in purple. You may have forgotten to enter your email address when you created your "New Client" account. Or you did not answer all questions on the "Checkout" page. Our system requires you to enter a reason as to "How Did You Hear About This Event?" Or perhaps you did not enter your credit card information correctly.


How do I get a student rate or senior rate on the tickets I purchase online?

After you choose the best available seats, you will be given a list of the next best available seats. The default will be the regular adult price. If the presenter of the event has student or senior prices, you can change the price on each seat at this point.


How are the "Best Available" seats determined online?

Our system starts with Row F Seat 9 and works across the centre section and then back before moving to the side sections and the front rows. The front row is ranked last to allow ample time for mobility challenged patrons the opportunity to purchase seats. This does not mean that the front row is for lower mobility only - it just means we sell the front row last for that reason. In addition, although we hear all the time that there isn't a bad seat in the house, the majority of our patrons request Rows F to O.


I would like to choose my seats when buying tickets online. How do I do that?

The ticket system will select the Best Available. If you want different seats, click on the seats that you want. Then click on SWAP for Selected Seats on Map.

I require wheelchair seating. Can I do that online?

Unfortunately we do not process wheelchair seats online. Please call the Box Office for wheelchair seating.


How do I change my address on my online account?

After you log in here-- click on the  "Account" button and update your address.


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