When do the doors open for me to take my seat?

Doors open 30 minutes prior to the performance start time. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the performance in case there is a line-up at the door.


What happens if I arrive late?

We endeavour to minimize the inconvenience to our patrons and the artists on stage when seating latecomers. If you arrive late for a performance, you will be seated at the first appropriate moment in open seats at the back. You are welcome to move to your assigned seat at intermission. If you must leave the theatre during a performance, please select an appropriate time (between songs) to minimize the disruption to those seated around you.


Where is the elevator?

It is located halfway down the main hallway at Lakeland College.


Do you have a Coat Check?

Our Coat Check is run by our wonderful volunteers. We are a non-profit organization. Donations are welcome for coat check services.


Do you have an ATM?

Yes we do. It is in the Upper Lobby.


Can I use my camera?

Cameras may not be permitted -- depending upon the artist's request. Please check with one of our volunteer ushers before using these devices.


Where is the Artist Merchandise Sold?

Many artists have merchandise for sale prior to the performance, during intermission and following the performance. Our merchandise area is located in the Upper Lobby. There is an ATM located in our Upper Lobby and in the College Cafeteria.


Will there be an Event Program?

Not every event has a program handout. Please check with our volunteer ushers at the door for a copy of an event program.


Are you a Fragrance-Fee Facility?

Please be considerate of your fellow patrons who have allergies and refrain from using perfumes or colognes.


Box Office


Monday-Friday 9:30am-3:30pm

Box Office Is Also Open One Hour Prior to Show

Tickets may be ordered by phone, online, or in person.