The operation of Vic Juba Community Theatre is managed by a non-profit organization that is incorporated as a Society in the province of Alberta. The Board of Directors consists of 12 individuals from the community. The staff at our facility consists of 4 permanent full-time, 2 permanent part-time, and 9 permanent event-based employees. Volunteers assist at our events with the running of the coat check, bar and concession, artist merchandise sales, and working as ushers.



Celebrating our success by presenting diverse programming while encouraging the arts as an essential component of our community.


Mission Statement

Provide exceptional experiences through partnerships, sponsorships and rentals that showcase events for our community.



Vic Juba Community Theatre values integrity, excellence and building strong partnerships.



Our organization hosts over 175 event days per year for rental clients on the "Ulmer Chev Stage." Vic Juba Community Theatre presents about 8 to 12 events each year within the "Dr. H. A. McDonald Season." The majority of the events at our facility are "presented by" our rental clients including concert promoters, local businesses, and local non-profit organizations. 



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Organizational Chart

Job Descriptions




Marketing & Programming Committee

Meetings: September, January, and June

Chris Armstrong

Cindy Gratton

Marcy Lovberg

Jackie Fowler

Kevin Kraft

Calli McKenzie


Property & Maintenance Committee

Meetings: January and June

Denis Foss - Chair

Jackie Fowler

Vic Juba

Kevin Kraft

Travis McGechen


Volunteer Recruitment Committee

Meetings: September, April, and June

Chris Armstrong - Chair

Jackie Fowler

Vic Juba

Kevin Kraft

Bridget Walsh

Calli McKenzie


Finance & Admin Committee

Meetings: At the Call of the Committee Chair

Gwen Mottram - Chair

Sheila Bouchard

Vic Juba

Jackie Fowler

Kevin Kraft

Bryce Eben


Fundraiser Committee

Meetings: At the Call of the Committee Chair

Chris McQuid - Chair

All Board Members and Staff Members



Policies & Procedures