Multi-Purpose Space Expansion

Design & Concept

  • The design of the expansion will allow for access from a current hallway backstage.
  • The space will also have a separate public entrance. An additional backstage entrance will resolve a key issue for the theatre during festivals, dance events, and school events. The current backstage door is very close to the stage and constant entry during these specific events via the backstage door allows sunlight to escape and be seen on stage. Entry through the current backstage door produces a rush of cold air to enter the audience chamber during the winter. (The piano storage area is also near the backstage door and there is concern about how the fluctuations in temperature affect the piano.) The new entrance will help reduce the noise level of students backstage during events.
  • The design of the expansion also allows for two additional washrooms with two stalls each.
  • Above the washroom space will be an area for a sound board and a lighting console.
  • The expansion will have an overhead load-in door for large set pieces used in theatre productions and dance festivals.

Donor Levels

Over $200,000
Under $500

Fundraising Target for Expansion